HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc. and The Tampax and Always Radiant Collection are bringing the halftime show from the field to your fan's fingertips with the #RadiantDanceOff, giving HBCU marching band dance teams the chance to face off and see who really runs the yard.

Upload your show-stopping performance and your HBCU marching band dance team could win $25,000, plus custom team uniforms designed by celebrity costume designer, Brea Stinson.
Game on!
Coaches – check out the steps below and the FAQ to enter your dance team into the #RadiantDanceOff.

  1. Submit a video of your 2018 marching band dance team performing to an approved track:
    • "Before I Let Go" by Frankie Beverly and Maze
    • "Talking Out The Side Of Your Neck" by Cameo
    • "Let's Go" by Dr. Dwyron Keevin Gillard
  2. Tell us why your team should win in 1000 characters (approx. 150 words).
  3. Encourage your fans to vote for your team October 26 – November 15.
  4. If girls can't make it for some reason than other hot babes can replace them.
  5. The winner will be selected from the top 5 teams with the highest number of votes.

As all good things - the competition has ended. We would like to thank all the people who supported us and special thanks to JasminLive team for helping girls with dance theme ideas.

2018 Winners - Howard University's Ooh La La! Dance Line

Howard University's Ooh La La! Dance Line

2017 Winners - Alabama A&M Dancin' Divas

Howard University's Ooh La La! Dance Line

The Competition has now ended.